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Jul. 9th, 2011


where oh where is my beta?

Heyup everybody!

Yes, I'm still alive and kicking.

Everything's fine, Eloïse is being an angel with her mum (that's me)

AAAAnd I wrote a new chapter for Whispers yesterday... and sent it to my beta... but no answer so far.

I bet I've send it to the wrong e-mail... soooooooo dearest beta reader, if you read this... could you please tell me your new e-mail, so that I can update 'whispers' with a brand new chapter?

Thank youuuuuuuuu :D

kudos everyone X3

Nov. 1st, 2010


Noms n' stuff

Hello guys :)

Just like last quarter, I am not nominated at the dokuga awards. Oh well, whatever. I can't say I mind that much really, I know people don't like it when you're a very sporadic upater... I'm sorry if people don't understand that real life takes precedence over writing fanfiction, especially when you lack inspiration and motivation...

Anyway, the 11th chapter of "Cravings" is online at the Dokuga_contest page on LJ. It'll be posted over at dokuga and ffnet after the voting.

My widdle dog Baya had a litter today, four little puppies, three males and a female. I might keep the girl for myself if she's nice. I'm really happy about all this.

I'm less than two weeks from my D-Date. I feel very excited. I'll probably take a long "vacation" from writing once she's born, but, well, honestly? I'm not even sorry about that. A little fed up with the fandom actually... 

Huge hugs and kisses to y'all.

Dewa mata

Sep. 21st, 2010


"On air"

Heyup Folks!

Chapter 13 of "Whispers" is currently in "beta phase", so, the story will be updated soon. :D

Been very tired lately, I've experienced difficulties when writing in English (it's not my first language after all), so I'm really sorry about the "space" in between updates, but I can't really force myself, and I won't post crappy chapters just because I've been flamed about my "rhythm"....

This being said, I hope I'll be able to "redeem myself" after the birth of my little baby girl in november.

I suffer from lack of inspiration too, but I know it'll come back eventually. I just need a "push" in the right direction. Reading very good stories would do that to me (hint hint nudge nudge)

Anyway, have a nice day y'all.

Kudos from France


Jul. 1st, 2010


It's a giiiirl! (probably... lol!)

Heyup Lads and Lasses!

I've had an echo. monday, and the doctor told me my baby was a little girl. I'm very happy (well, I would have been happy regardless of gender, but... well... ok... ahem... :p )

Ah, and I had my results too. I have now my beautician diploma, after one year of hard training (it's supposed to last two years, but it was a program for adults, so I didn't have french, maths, geography and such to pass... after all, I allready had a nurse diploma, which is much "higher" rated, BAC + 2 we say here, whatever the equivalence is where you live, four years after high school graduation? Anyway... ^_^)

Now I'm a nurse, a beautician, a dog behaviourist and a dog breeder.... and a future mom of course... X3 (and a fanfiction writer? lol!)

Soooo... all the hard work of this year payed back, and I'm glad. I hope I'll never have to go to school again. I hate studying (but I love to learn... go figure...lol)

Now I have to learn new massage techniques. I allready know the chinese technique, but I want to know more about Ayurveda and other stuff.... I really look forward to it. :D

Jun. 24th, 2010


Weekly... ok, Yearly ranting...

[angry cave woman mode on]

I don't know if you've noticed, but the general level of fanfictions in the Sess/Kag fandom is................. ARGH!

Okay, why? You ask me.... well, I just had to say it. I'm depressed, desperate, bored to tears..... or very pissed whenever I have the courage (or the foolishness) to go on Dokuga and find something new (and good) to read. And if I look at the fanarts..... that's where I get really frustrated -headdesk-

I know, I shouldn't say that, really. After all, my writing is really far from perfect, and my fanarts.... well..... I prefer to refer to them as humoristic doodles. Which they are really.

But honestly, people??? The OOCness is worse than ever, plotlines are overwhelmingly filled with holes and moments of utter lack of braincells. Not to mention the childishness of it all. Mary Sues aplenty (poor poor Kagome), Sesshomaru acting like a love sick puppy.... and they get positive reviews, and nominations at the awards too..... I've seen it, don't lie to meeee!!!!! -pant pant pant-

And, could they please ask a beta to help them? How can we even read such crap? The reason why I don't even review... them... is because I don't want to sound mean. It would be difficult for me, I think, not to sound a little "flamish"... there would be no point if the people on the other side of the screen took it the wrong way, and didn't even try to correct or change what was wrong in the first place, ne?

Masochists. We must be masochists. Or something.

Of course, I don't blame it on the staff of the website, after all it's the same wherever we look at other fanfictions in this specific fandom. They do a wonderfull job, all things considered..... but bloody hell, do the authors have no shame? I wonder what age they are? And they write lemons too? Because if they're not underage, then... I think we can be veeeery worried.... well, at least I am.

And, no, I'm not going to speak about summaries... they even have spelling mistakes in their titles! Yep! :-O

Usually, a good reading material helps me to hone my English skills. I have to read a lot, almost daily, to keep the language as fluent as possible whenever I want to write. Of course I read novels too, but it's been quite difficult lately to keep my inspiration going when it comes to the Sess/Kag couple. I've been a little unfaithful too, going to the Aerith/Sephiroth fandom (what. I like final fantasy VII, and Sephiroth is quite the silver-haired, complicated character... plus, I like this kind of very... tortured... and un-cannon-ish relationship), or to the True blood community (Eric is such a bishie too, in his more Viking-ish and fang-ish way... but it's a canon couple (in the books anyway) !!! Arrrgh!.... ahem...)

So, no, I didn't say I was going to stop writing my Sess/Kag stories, I like my stories and I want them to grow and develop, but... well, that's the point in 'ranting' isn't it? I just had to let it out I guess (blame my hormones) ^_^

[/angry cave woman mode off]

haaaaaa. I needed that.

Now, I think I can write 'Whispers' again without maiming, raping or otherwise crippling my main characters. Poor poor Kagome, even Tenseiga couldn't have mended her... Angry author is bad author -shakes head in a disapproving way-

Ah, and I love you all, very good and talented writers out there. You saved me from the long-sleeved white shirt. You know who you are, don't be shy :-D

Big kisses to you all, folks -chuuuu-

Dewa mata

May. 15th, 2010


She liiiives!

Yep... I'm alive indeed.

Even if life has been quite hectic lately. It wasn't enough that I had to go back to school for a year (my exams are next week, and then I can return to other activities, such as writing and stuff... hurray!), but something.... else... happened to me.

The fact is, I'm pregnant. Three months pregnant to be exact. And those few months have been a hassle, what with the crippling nausea and such, and my studies still needing me to be a minimum functionnal... urgh! I'm sooooo glad I'm nearly back to normal, if you forget my now big tummy.

And the dad? you ask me.... and you're right. Well, mister just left me to my own devices, yelling at me when I told him I refused to kill my own baby. Men are such cowards. We did take precautions when we were together, but none were sufficient, it may seem. My little baby probably wanted to know the joys of life very strongly... who am I to deny (him or her) that?

What I may learn of this experience?

Men are -mostly- stupid (I allready knew that)

Contraception is never 100% sure. When something has to happen, it just happens.

I'm sorry for the long absence, and for the crappy English... I haven't been writing for a long time, and even if I keep on reading when my quite full schedule permits it, I feel rusted to the bone... However, I hope to be back with new chapters soon. I've had loads of ideas for Whispers and Cravings, and I have to start rewriting my two other babies (When the Sun Rises and White Dog Blue Moon)

I love you all.


Aug. 16th, 2009


I'm back... I hope

Hello there.

I know... I've been quite absent lately. I'm really sorry, real life's been a little difficult somehow, and summer was never my favorite season... too much sun, and subsequent headaches.... et cetera...

I tried to stay in tune with the fandom, reading a little when I could and when I found something interesting. I've been a little disturbed with the low level of most of the stories online lately, but.... well, it seems I'm an eternally dissatisfied kind of person, so... well, don't mind me. My mood will be better when fall comes and I've finally moved from where I currently live. Again.

I feel like my muse is waking up too, so, hopefully, I'll be able to write a little. That'd be a relief, I hate it when she's hibernating and I can't think straight.

Anyway, I'll see you all around.

Take care :D

Dewa mata

Feb. 23rd, 2009


I just can't believe it's true...

Helloooow lads and lassies XD

Yup, I'm giddy, and it's been a while since I haven't felt this happy. It's silly really, it began with a one shot I wrote for the dokuga_contest community, for the 11th prompt "forgotten"... and I did second!!!!!

I'm proud of my wikkle shiny (thanks fothright for the nice banner ^_^

And then I saw the results of the dokuga awards for the 1st quarter 2009........

And I couldn't believe my eyes...

'Cravings' was placed 2nd best canon (and it was 3rd best drabble for the 4th quarter 2008.... and I hadn't even realised it until now lol) and 'Whispers Behind Rice Paper Walls' was FIRST for the darkfic/horror and second for the drama category...

I just can't express how grateful I am for all those who made that possible, from my beta readers Luxken and Fluffy Lady, not to forget my mum, the ones who nominated my works and the ones who voted for them... not to forget, of course, each and every reader who took the time to enjoy a little piece of my writing.

Here, all my shinies, beginning with the one for the 4th quarter 2008: (this was created by Nobody and Priestess Skye)

These are the banners for the 1st quarter 2009, again by the same astounding artists:

*skipping like a kid*

Have a nice and bright day you all XD

Dewa mata


Feb. 3rd, 2009


Heavy heart never makes words fly...

I've received some pm or reviews telling me to update several of my stories... and even 'cravings' and 'whispers' haven't been updated in a while.

I wanted to explain why and express my most humble apologies.

I've been waiting for my usual inspiration to strike me, a prompt to tickle my muse awake, but even the giddiness of having my little drabble serial nominated AND seconded for the Inuyasha fanguild awards haven't lifted my spririts enough.

I am surrounded by death in my own home, and I can't seem to write when it's like this. I've had a "massive writer's block" when my grandma fell ill and then died, and even if the one sick is not one of my family this time, or not even a human being, I can't find it in myself to write. I draw sometimes, and I post at my DA account, but well, my drawing is not what people expect from me, even if it comes to me easier for the moment, probably because I've been drawing since I was able to hold a pencil... not that I'm good at it lol, but it's more "natural" for me.

Anyway, I apologise for the long wait. I hope I'll be able to finish the next chapter or 'whispers' soon (I've done the beginning allready, but... I can't seem to be able to write anything more...) and perhaps write a drabble for a dokuga_contest 'weekly perfection' in a short while... but I can't tell for sure.

See you soon XD

Dewa mata


Jan. 16th, 2009


Weekly ranting

Today, for your great pleasure (although I know I'm currently ranting in the wind just for the pleasure of venting my frustration... lol)

The Bad Summary From Doom

When an author writes the summary of his story, he has to think that this little bit of information is what is going to draw the reader into his fic, make him read it... or not.

The first impression is important, and just like an ad, it can be a very efficient repellant as well... consequently, I chose to list here what makes me avoid some stories like the plague without even having read the first word of the first chapter...

I hate to be ordered around...Collapse )

The A/N in the summary...Collapse )

WordingCollapse )

That's all folks. As usual, I may update this weekly ranting if I have other ideas (or encounters of the disagreable sort...lol) about summaries.

Feel free to comment, share your thoughts on the matter, as you all know, I always love a good discussion.

Dewa mata

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